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Mulheres Imigrantes | série (desenhos) 2012/2014 Esta série enfoca os laços que ligam as pessoas em diferentes lugares, culturas e situações, principalmente as mulheres, que tanto apareceram na minha frente em minhas andanças por lugares novos e desconhecidos, como pela forte conexão de sororidade que expressaram entre si e comigo em diferentes situações onde ser estrangeiro era o que nos saltava aos olhos. Estou interessada nas mudanças na rota através da vida de um ser humano. Também me interessam as raízes familiares e culturais, e os fatores que podem transformar o corpo e a identidade dessas mulheres, incluindo essas mudanças de rota (imigração) e os diferentes lugares que um corpo pode habitar - o corpo que carrega muitos lugares, pessoas e histórias e que compõe uma personalidade. 

The Main question of my work is the confront of human being in a different environment . It is a reflexion of how much a different context influences in their identity and their background. My research is based on immigrant women, like me, and their relationship with the place, local social-politic issues and interpersonal relations. The position of immigrant woman confronting a new lifestyle and culture. How much she can see herself in her roots and how much she can see herself in this new enviromment. Can we change our identity? Can we transforme ourselves in a different individual? What will happen during this process?

For this research, I use the elements of tenderness in the women esthetic studies, such as fine lines and hair wires, with fragility and at the same time with plasticity, to give me tools to conduct and to connect the questions that I made above. I use Chinese ink and very fine tip pens for this work. The hair wires are constant reference in my work. They are a symbol present in my life since very early days, because my grandmother used to be a hairdresser. She is the most important female influence in my life and work because her strong character and personal history as a immigrant in Brazil. On the other hand, I use watercolor as a symbol of connexion and fluidity of these relationships. the specific transparency of this kind of ink makes that all the different layers can be seen, which gives us the opportunity to discover what there is behind the first sight impression.

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